Beau Cook's Food Porn Cover
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The Cookbook that combines food, sex and humour to deliver the true meaning of Food Porn


Former Masterchef contestant, Professional Firefighter and now Author, Beau Cook, has taken that age old concept of combining food and sex and created a recipe book called Beau Cook’s Food Porn - for those who love a bit on the side with their main course.

Food Porn. We all love the turn of phrase. Beau’s inner teenager loved what this could be. Being sexually suggestive with food is fun so Beau went about developing a recipe book that took a light hearted look at food and porn in a humorous and tongue-in-cheek way – or is that tongue in grapefruit? The book is illustrated with a range of bodies, ages, genders and culturally diverse models enjoying food in a variety of positions suggesting that this really is a book about real food for real people with real desires.


“I find the current definition of food porn so boring, no one actually cares if you have eaten a delicious meal and want to show the world… For me the true meaning of food porn is the combination of food and sex, I would love to see more people getting naked and having fun in the kitchen! There is nothing wrong with wobbling a lengthy banana and a couple of blood plums in front of your groin,” exclaims Beau.


Beau Cook’s Food Porn will have you rapidly fanning yourself with a banana leaf and blushing like a peach when it shows you more than one use for spaghetti or what to do with a zucchini. Flick through glossy and colourful pages of licks and laughs and create Beau’s delicious recipes to feed your lover this Christmas, Valentine’s Day or for a special birthday.

Within this cookbook are a range of delicious recipes such as Jizz Improver - Grilled Pineapple Salad, Hummusexual - Hummus with Smoky Harissa, or Flicking The Bean - Homemade Baked Bean Jaffles, are sure to get juices flowing. Who says food can’t be racy and risqué as well as saucy and spicy.