The Cookbook that combines food, sex and humour to deliver the true meaning of Food Porn


Author - Beau Cook


Brought up from infancy in the Chewton Bushlands of central Victoria, Beau first caught the public’s attention as a contestant on Masterchef Australia.

Stir, mix, blend, cut, slice, peel, mash, smash (only avocado), bake, roast, grill, fry, boil, steam, barbeque – you name it Beau has done it with the best. He bought a touch of humour to the otherwise portentous going-on that is the hallmark of  “reality” TV. With twinkling eye and deftness of tongue he saw humour where others could only sense ignominy and disaster.

He nursed bruised egos, encouraged the despondent, and helped the hopeless. Beau was never going to become a master chef but he soon became the darling of the TV audience.


Never one to make too much of a fuss about himself Beau ignored the possibility of fame and fortune and is now a full-time professional Fire fighter. He is at heart a team player, best working with – and cooking for – mates.

By David Watson


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